Which would you prefer a Massage Chair or a massage therapist?

The massage chair has been around for a number of years and its use continues to increase with each new day.  The fact that people are coming out to appreciate the use of the chair for massage is a good thing.  No longer do people have to spend endless hours queuing in massage parlors for their turn.   A hand massage has many advantages and is quite therapeutic.   There are people who still believe that a massage is not worth its salt unless it’s done in a parlor under a trained massage therapist.   What then are the different options when compared with the chair therapy?

A step by step guide will make people understand the difference that comes with the two even though they still offer the same services but under totally different conditions.    The number one and most important item on our list is privacy.   Most people both young and old find it a little awkward to remove their clothes to a complete stranger.  Parlors require that one remove their clothes during the therapy which sometimes has proved to be a little difficult but with the chair all you need is to be in the right clothes during the whole session.

What then are the clothes to wear when using a massage chair?  Are there special clothes required for users?  Avoid delicate materials like silk during the session.  Never wear any bulky clothes like heavy jackets, jumpers, sweat shirts and or even any thermal wear.  This will hinder the rollers from effectively providing the services it is required for.   It is also important to put away your glasses during the massage session unless you intend to spend along time reading or writing.  Hats too should not be worn if possible.

Some of the clothes that are required to have on include t-shirts, slacks, linen wear, light knit tops that are not bulky, cotton wear of all kinds, poly materials, just to name a few.  If you want to fully enjoy your session, ensure that you get the facts right by wearing the right clothes.   Secondly and most importantly, and while still in clothing topic, therapists require that a client stays stack naked, their reason being that any kind of clothes including underwear get into their way.   When you compare the two which do you prefer staying stack naked or remaining fully while still being able to enjoy the session?

What ever answer you give to the above will depend on your preference and nobody stands accused.  The choice is a client’s.   The healing power that comes with using a massage chair cannot be ignored.  It is therapeutic, safe and done within the comfort of one’s house or in a parlor whichever will be appropriate.  Because of the high cost that comes with the chair, many people are still not privy to owning one of their own and still go for their therapy is designated places which is still okay and quite in order.

One thing that must be appreciated is that whether it is a chair massage or under a therapist, the chair still provides a lot of comfort to its users.  This has been occasioned by the fact that it is built with techniques that allow it to reach most of the body parts even with clothes on.  Its healing and therapeutic nature has been known overtime to help the body keep in pristine condition and keep away from injuries, aches or even soft tissue injuries.  The advent of the chair therefore brought relief to those who continued to suffer in silence.

Finally, since the introduction of the massage chair a large number of parlors have ceased business and continue to struggle to find clients.  The massage parlors are not but at all but people are getting informed and coming to appreciate that there are better ways to relax while flexing their muscles that is affordable and less stressful.  The parlors are doing a good job and they must be appreciated for it but each century comes with new innovations and it is important to note that despite that the chair continues to find a better platform and clients than it had ever done in the years gone by.  

4 Things to Consider when Buying Massage Chair

Massage is one of the best practices to relax your mind. Massages ease your Back Pain, improve your Sleep, boost your Immunity, increase your Alertness, soothe anxiety and depression, help maintain proper posture, and improve blood circulation. Massage is most helpful for employees who sit on their hair the whole day working with computers. These kinds of employees have a very taxing job because they imbalance accumulates through long hours of sitting in a chair; making most of them develop neck, shoulder, and back pain. You should consider buying a massage chair because nothing relaxes and soothes all the stress and muscular pain in your body quite like massage therapy.

Given its benefits, many people are buying a massage chair in their home so that it becomes easier to take massage therapy. Even though massage therapists habitually do massages, massage chairs are becoming very popular due to their suitability, flexibility, and time efficiency.

If you’re considering enjoying reaping the benefits of massage therapy, and you are not sure the prospect of owning a massage chair, below are factors to put in mind before purchasing a massage chair.


Massage chairs have different features that you have to choose from as per your needs. For example, a Shiatsu massage chair is made in such a way that the pressure points in the body are the main target. Shiatsu massages chair help in pressing, rolling movements and swaying. Some provide Swedish massages that use light concentration massage movements. Then there some massage chairs that loll to a zero-gravity point before offering the massage. Go for several chairs to find out which offers the best experience to you.

Massage chairs are made to take care of different part of your body. You are likely not to use massage chair for all part of your boy; thus, it’s important to decide which part of your body requires massage before buying massage chair so that you can know exactly which features to look for.  If you have the problem with neck pain, you should look for a massage chair that is aimed at relieving pain in your neck and shoulder.


Buying a massage chair requires a high investment; therefore, you need to evaluate the money you have before buying one. The cost of a massage chair varies depending on the features that a massage chair has. Some of the factors that create price differences in massage chair include, quality of material used, the appearance of the massage chair, the company manufacturing the massage chair and features it contains.

You should not be scared by the high prices of the massage chair; jut considers the benefits that it will bring especially to your health. If you do not have enough investment, don’t go for an expensive massage chair that has many features that you might not even require, go for a massage chair that caters for needs that you only requires. For instance, if you only need to massage your neck, shoulder and back, you can buy a chair that is not footing adjustable seat.


Most massage chairs are bulky and huge, therefore require large space which must be considered before buying it. You have to consider where you want o put your massage chair because you can’t put it anywhere in your house.  If you decide to put it in your living room, there are high chances it will disrupt the overall décor of your room. If you decide to put the massage chair in your office or bedroom, you have to make sure there is enough space.

Durability and Ease of Repair

Massage chairs contain some moving parts such as computer components, so it’s likely that that problem can occur. You need to consider the amount of money that you are likely to use in repairs if you buy low-quality massage chair; definitely, it will be higher than buy a quality massage chair that is not likely to break down.

You are most likely going to use your chair regularly so make sure that you get a strong, heavy duty chair. Even though you may be required to go deep into your pocket for a durable chair, it will be an excellent investment. It is always good to purchase a reliable Massage chair initially than to regret purchasing low-quality one that will speedily require to be replaced.

Facts you should know about Twitter Likes


You might have noticed that there is a real obsession with twitter likes. Digital marketers are particularly interested in them and are working day and night to9 get them. You might have even heard of people buying the likes and you just cannot understand why people are going to these lengths. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that people are going after them this bad they must have something to offer. The fact that such a large number of people is interested in them simply means that there is definitely something good that they are bringing to the table.

There are definitely a good number of benefits that come from having a large number of twitter likes. It is important, in this regard, to understand that we are living in a world where digital marketing is now the go to option. Businesses are increasingly accepting the fact that the digital space is where businesses are currently being conducted and where they are growing from. To remain relevant in the current business world, it is important for one to have that digital presence.

Twitter likes are extremely effective at giving one the visibility that they need on the digital platforms. Running a social media campaign is not very hard; it does require time and effort but is relatively easy compared to the traditional marketing techniques. There is however one very important factor that needs to never be forgotten. It does not matter how perfect your social media campaign or strategy is, if it does not get you visibility it will not get you success. Visibility basically means that people are noticing and recognizing your presence on the social media platforms.  The likes are very good at getting you this visibility.

Twitter likes will attract people to you. At the end of the day, marketing on any platform, is about getting people to know about you and the products that you are selling. This simply means that you will have to get the attention of the people so that they can listen to what you are saying. Without their attention, you cannot get your message across. The likes are extremely good at getting you this attention. The many likes will pick people’s curiosity; they will be wondering what it is that is so good about you that everybody likes. They will then be drawn to you.

The one fact about twitter likes that cannot be ignored is that they are a great marketing tool. You can never ignore the crucial role that they play in getting businesses to the next level. For your business to grow, your revenue has to increase. For your revenue to increase, your sales have to increase. Increased sales are brought about by an increased number of customers. Customer numbers only increase when more and more people get to know of the existence of your business and its products and services. These likes are extremely effective at helping to get the word out. Take advantage of them today and see your business grow.

Tips for increasing your Twitter likes

Twitter is a great arsenal for your business if used appropriately. It can help you creates leads, strengthen your brand and initiate connections with your prospects. The problem is, if you do not have active followers, you can’t reap all these benefits. That is why it is important that you increase the number of your twitter likes because it attracts many people to follow you.

Creating an active following on Twitter hold real value for your business, not just for prestige, but also, for helping your brand get viral online. According to research, 36% of marketers claim to have gained their customer by using twitter.  Therefore, increasing the number of likes, I create an opportunity to gain more followers who are potential customers for your business.

Creates Good Impression

There are many ways you can use Twitter to increase sales and promote your business including increasing your twitter likes. You need to create a good impression so that you increase chances of followers to like your tweets. It has been proven that the best way to intensely increase the number of likes on your twitter account is by packaging your post in such a way that it will be attractive to intended followers. The moment your followers get impressed by what you post, they will definitely like it, thus, increasing your twitter like.

Increase Tweets with visuals

According to Twitter, the tweets and message with visuals get more likes than those that do not have visuals. This indicates that if your tweets do not contain visuals, you are missing many likes which could boost the number of likes in your account. If you want to increase your twitter likes, the post s many messages as possible containing visuals that can attract the followers.

Mix-up your Content

When you post the same message over and over again, your followers are likely to get bored. Instead, find a way to mix the content of your message so that every time you post it will appear differently but containing the same message. This way, you are likely to attract many twitter likes. By posting a variety of different message, it won’t look like you are just concerned about your business and its services all the time. Therefore, you will get more likes.

Likes other people’s Posts Regularly

When you like other people’s tweets, you create a great opportunity to increase more likes because people will appreciate those appreciate them. Therefore, you should know the kind of tweets that you need to like so that you can increase online visibility by people who matter to you. If you are a business, you need to regularly like posts from key thinkers in your industry, or companies that you would like to work with or know more about.

You also need to identify influencers, whether individual or companies because they will help to share your message with their customer, earning you brand recognition, likes, and more customers. So, keep on liking tweets from your influencers, and you will be surprised how faster your twitter likes will increase. However, make sure you do not just like them; choose the kind of message to like so that you don’t end up annoying both the influencer and your followers.