Bruce Arians coach will back to the Arizona Cardinals

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As Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald addressed their football future a few days ago, to ask if coach Bruce Arians would return for again cooperation with the Arizona Cardinals. Arians has been hospitalized with health issues on two separate occasions since training camp opened in August.Probably he be inclined to walk away from the game at age 64 after suffering through a disappointing season?

“I’ll be back,” Arians said cheap nfl jerseys, “I ain’t going nowhere.”

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Although Palmer also ready to return for another run at the Super Bowl in 2017, but Fitzgerald isn’t ready to look beyond the last two games of this season. “Like every year, the same team never been comes back,” Arians said. “Evident,if he decides to retire, he will be a big part , not coming back .I hope he comes back.”

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“He wants to be one of those one-team guys, plays his entire career with one team nfl jerseys,” Warner said. “I firmly believe he also wants to win a championship. However if certain pieces aren’t there and he doesn’t think this team can win a championship, then you really have to pondering .If do I want to come back for another year , I don’t sense like that one thing that’s eluded me is there for me to possibly get next year?”

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Asked if he could envision Fitzgerald in another team’s jerseys, Warner reply without equivocation: “Affirmative not. Knowing Larry as well I do, at this stage in his career where he’s already pondering about retirement, I don’t feel him going to another team for a year in hopes that he could win a title in one year. He prefer say ‘I was an Arizona Cardinals my entire career’ and have people remember him that way.”

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  • March 7, 2017 at 02:50

    Bruce Arians coach come back , the team will be better.


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