Donald Fehr says he felt more optimistic in South Korea Games

TORONTO — NHL commissioner Gary Bettman reiterated owners’ present shortage of pleasure in Olympic participation, but his counterpart Donald Fehr description a different picture of where things stand for the South Korea Games.

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“I’m more optimistic now that I ever have been, at least as far as we’re attention, that we’ll be able to achieve an suitable contract with the IIHF to allow for the players to go,” Fehr said, “Therefore I assume there will be further debate over the course of the next several weeks and I select to be optimistic on this one. We’ll see.'”

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The NHL proposal a three-year CBA extension earlier this season in replace for an international package which would include two Olympic Games, two World Cups of Hockey, plus other international events. But the players officially refused the verbal offer from the league in large part, it is believed, since of their abhorrence of escrow in which they pay back the league money from their paychecks in order to average the 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue with owners.

Thus what now? The clock is ticking.

“We’re not the ones who are setting the deadline on the clock,” Bettman said Sunday. “Others seem to be doing it. Nothing’s really new to inform since the board meeting in December. The players’ association had told us where they were in advance of that meeting. We haven’t had any further debate with the IOC or the IIHF and absent some compelling reason I’m not sure there’s a whole lot of sentiment on the part of the clubs to go through the interruption of taking three almost weeks off during the season. We’ve been there, done that five times and while Vancouver and Salt Lake City were different, when you’re halfway around the world it’s not the simple thing to have in our season. Not only the risk of harm … the compression to the regular season is something that concerns us. We’re hearing complaints now about the five-day break. While players say they like the five-day break they’re also saying they don’t like the compression that goes along with it and that’s something that’s of great attention to us as well.”wholesale nhl jerseys

Interestingly, Fehr propose Sunday that perhaps the players would be interested in a long-term international package with the NHL that is separate of the CBA.”It is always conceivable that you can do a long-term international plan which would sweep in all kinds of events if even if you don’t have a CBA extension, even if that means that there are some uncertainties,” Fehr said.

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    It is good to keep optimistic .


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