Jim Caldwell defends Lions

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Lions head coach Jim Caldwell determined to go for it on fourth-and-1 from the Seahawks’ 38-yard line at the beginning of the second quarter on Saturday in a scoreless tie and the ending was a pseudo-screen dump-off pass to backup tight end Matthew Mulligan, which ended up going for negative yardage.When coaches try unconventional plays in big situations and the call works out, they are praised.

Therefore there was Caldwell jerseys, fresh off a 26-6 lose to Seattle, explaining why. “It was designed to work, evidently,” Caldwell told reporters. “However they had it covered up and we didn’t obtain it. You got to go for it in that circumstances, I deem, and didn’t get it. They did a better job of covering it than we did of executing it.”

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Lions Jerseys” Lions fans will groan about this call for days but personally, I have no problem with a coach on the road intend to create some aggression. According to Elias, Matt Prater became the first kicker in NFL playoff history to hit more than one 50-yard field goal in the same game. So the argument could be made that Detroit ought to have taken the chance to grab an early lead and play from there.

discount jerseys: The fact was that Caldwell know trips inside midfield would be few and far between against this defensive and he needed to maximize those opportunities.

There are far crazier ideas than trusting Matthew Stafford and a slew of talented short-yardage receivers to run a play called by one of the better offensive coordinators in the league.

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  • March 13, 2017 at 09:06

    Matthew Stafford played well.


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