Who is the best fireman in Major League Baseballn?

There has never been a fine time to be a relief pitcher in Major League Baseball. After Andrew Miller, Cody Allen, Kenley Jansen and Aroldis Chapman lorded over the late innings in October, teams expend mass money for relievers of all types this offseason. Mark Melancon got the biggest deal ever for a reliever on Dec. 5, and within two weeks that record was obliterated by both Chapman and Jansen. Brett Cecil got $30 million and a absolute no-trade entry from the Cardinals. Brad Ziegler got $16 million from the Marlins. Mike Dunn got $19 million from the Rockies.

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Relievers are being counted on more than ever, because teams increasingly concern on putting the optimal guys in the period of highest leverage — and become agree to invest heavily in that skill.

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In the second of our positional rankings, these are the game’s top 10 relievers, based on the input and views of MLB evaluators and players.

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