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With driving guitars, soaring harmonies and an energy that will lift fans out of their seats, FOREVER SEGER delivers a rock and roll show that brings Bob Seger fans back to days gone by. A true concert experience that invites audiences to dance and sing along once again to the soundtrack of their lives.



KEVIN REIDlead vocals / acoustic guitar

Kevin Reid

lead vocals / acoustic guitar

Kevin is the voice of Forever Seger. When it comes to performing Bob Seger’s music with conviction, energy and outright rock and roll swagger, nobody does it better than Kevin. When the lights go down and Forever Seger hits the stage, Kevin’s voice and striking resemblance to Bob in his 1970’s heyday make the audience feel as if they’ve stepped back in time.

They say the mark of a great front man is someone who can connect with his audience. When playing his acoustic guitar and telling the stories behind classic Seger hits, Kevin can make even the largest room feel like an intimate living room performance. When it’s time to turn it up, Kevin knows how to get you out of your seat and get you singing and dancing in the isles.

Kevin fun fact : Kevin has an unhealthy addiction to the Rock and Roll clothing line Wornstar. A huge fan and supporter of the brand for many many years, Kevin wears Wornstar jeans exclusively on stage. He would like them to know how much he loves their product and if anyone from Wornstar is reading this, he says he would love an endorsement deal because his habit is getting really expensive.


JOHN JAMIESONmusical director / keys / backup vocals

John Jamieson

musical director / keys / backup vocals

John Jamieson is Forever Seger’s Musical Director and resident piano man. Not only that, it is no exaggeration to say that John is the Heartbeat of Forever Seger. When it comes to musicianship you’re not likely to come across many people like John. Whether it’s conducting Forever Seger on stage or in rehearsal, John works tirelessly to bring the best out of the band.

John’s fingerprint is all over the live shows that Forever Seger has become renowned for. Those unique live song arrangements and the incredible harmonies that the Segerettes belt out so effortlessly are all in part to John’s creative mind. Behind the scenes John is dedicated to creating Forever Seger’s on-line content. John has created and produced all the music videos that Forever Seger has released to date.

John Jamieson fun fact : John loves his coffee and he takes his coffee black. The only thing that John likes more than a hot cup of coffee, is the next cup of coffee.

When not giving his all on stage, John can be found at Soundhouse Studio which he owns and operates with his wife and Segerette Cyndi Richards, where he is a sought after Arranger, Composer and Producer.



Mitch Starkman

bass guitar

Mitch is the master of the low end, the keeper of the beat, with a style so sweet he could make an onion cry. A member since 2017, Mitch is the glue that holds it all together when Forever Seger hits the stage.

Why does Mitch always look so happy you ask? If you had a musical resumé like him you’d be smiling too. Over the years, Mitch has lent his skills to numerous musical endeavours, Whether it’s his work on award winning albums, his extensive studio and commercial work, his ever growing list of endorsement deals (Mitch proudly endorses F-Bass, Avella-Coppolo Basses, La Bella Olinto Basses and Bergantino Audio Systems) Mitch has reason to smile at his accomplishments.

Mitch Starkman Fun Fact : Mitch is an avid Mountain Climber, once ascending Mount Everest to its base camp.

When not lighting up the stage with Forever Seger or climbing the Alps, Mitch can be found at the F-bass headquarters where he is not only an endorsee but works with them as a consultant in their Research and Development Department.


ALEX HARRISONelectric guitar

Alex Harrison

electric guitar

Alex is a seasoned session player, performer, composer and teacher, playing music professionally around the world for over 25 years. In addition to his already busy schedule Alex still found time to earn a degree, with honours, in Jazz guitar from Humber College.  

To say Alex’s resumé is diverse is an understatement. Alex has performed with some of the biggest tribute acts around including David Bowie, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Supertramp, Coldplay and The 60’s British Invasion. Never one to turn down a gig, there’s also a really good chance he played at your wedding. e isles.

Alex fun fact : He takes the motto “The show must go on” very seriously. Once on a cruise ship gig performing as the Beatles, Alex along with almost every other performer on the ship contracted what in Beatles terms we’ll call “Yoko’s Revenge”. Alex was approached by the captain who said, “HELP! I need somebody” – to learn a Paul McCartney show in one day. Alex, still trying to keep his lunch from going “Here, There and Everywhere” agreed to do it. The show was saved and Alex was treated to a steak dinner and expensive wine as appreciation from the captain.  


JAMES MANNelectric / acoustic guitar
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James Mann

electric / acoustic guitar

With over 40 years of playing experience and well versed in many styles, James brings energy and professionalism to every performance whether in the studio or on the live stage.

As a member of the Stellas, James has shared the stage with the likes of, Gordon Lightfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Zac Brown Band, Johnny Reid, Jeff Healey, John Mcdermott, Pavlo, The Stellas,and many others.

Gordon Lightfoot described James’s playing as a mix of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Carlos Santana, and Jeff Healey called him a great player, high praise indeed!

James fun fact : The term Fishin’ Musician’ really applies to James, having fished the professional bass tournament circuit in Ontario for over 20 years, James is one of Ontario’s most successful anglers with 24 first place finishes, I guess a fishing rod is like a 1 string guitar, piece of cake!

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About - FOREVER SEGER (12)

Patrick Smith


Patrick has established himself as an in demand saxophonist in the Canadian music scene. He has has toured extensively throughout Canada, the U.S and Europe with Erez Zobary, the Legends of Motown, My Son the Hurricane and Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School. In 2019 Patrick appeared with the Hitman Drumline at the NBA finals at Scotiabank Arena (go Raptors). Not only has Patrick graced the stages throughout the U.S and Europe, he has brought his talents to the Toronto and Montreal Jazz Festivals, the legendary Mariposa Folk Festival, Starbelly Jam and many more.

Never one to rest, Patrick keeps a very active schedule appearing throughout Toronto. You can find him on stage with such Toronto luminaries as Shout the band, Big Smoke Brass and Dee Dee and the Dirty Martinis to name a few. When not performing with all these incredible bands, Patrick can be found performing his original compositions off his 2018 debut album “Still Searching” with his band The Patrick Smith Quintet as well as his band 3-Oh.

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CYNDI RICHARDSbackup vocals / percussion
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Cyndi Richards

backup vocals / percussion

There’s a famous quote, “Dynamite comes in small packages”. That expression has never been more true than when describing Cyndi. Cyndi is the high voice harmony and O.G member of the triple threat team that we lovingly call “The Smokin’ Segerettes”.

Cyndi sets the bar for all of us in Forever Seger when it comes to dedication and the love that we all have for performing. After all it’s in her blood. Cyndi comes from a family of singers and entertainers.

Cyndi fun fact: Cyndi’s mom was the voice of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Yes THAT Rudolph that we all grew up watching every Christmas on television.

Cyndi’s father was William Richards, one of Canada’s most renowned Jazz Violinists. It’s that upbringing and love of music and entertainment that has made her who she is today, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it.

When not belting out the high notes with the Segerettes, Cyndi is a voice-over actress, accomplished childrens author and runs the day-to-day business of Soundhouse Studio in Toronto with her husband and Forever Seger musical director John Jamieson.

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AMANDA GORDONbackup vocals / percussion
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Amanda Gordon

backup vocals / percussion

Amanda has been a part of the Forever Seger family from the beginning. Her low harmonies are the foundation of the dynamic vocal powerhouse that are The Segerettes. Amanda has been a fixture in the Toronto music scene for years. Her love of vocalists such as Motown legends Aretha Franklin, Martha and the Vandellas and Donny Hathaway, inspired her to pursue her love of music and singing.

Behind the scenes Amanda is hands-on when it comes to administering our social media presence. If you’ve messaged us or left a comment on any one of our pages (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) Amanda is always there for a quick reply or a comment, as well as keeping fans of the band up to date on all the current happenings within Forever Seger

Amanda Gordon Fun Fact : Amanda is a healthy living advocate. You want a killer recipe for Vegan donuts?, Ask Amanda (trust us, they’re delicious). She’s always looking for healthy options to keep her main man Forever Seger guitarist Josh Gordon a lean, mean, non dairy and gluten free, guitar playing machine.

Between choreographing The Segerettes, singing, Social Media administrating and all the dedication that comes with being in a 10 piece touring band, Amanda still finds time to raise her and Josh’s 4 yr old boy, and future Forever Seger vocalist Jace. It makes us tired just thinking about it all….donut anyone?

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COURTNEY BOWLESbackup vocals / percussion
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Courtney Bowles

backup vocals / percussion

Courtney started her career in music in 2017. She was determined to share her love of music and performing with as many people as possible. Courtney’s audiences are entertained by her energetic personality, wide vocal range and heartfelt performances. The 29-year-old, 6‘2 Courtney makes a strong impression in many ways and that has resulted in a large social media following.  

In 2018 Courtney released a 4 song EP and its debut single “Beautiful Daughter” produced by our own musical director John Jamieson at his studio, Soundhouse Studio in Toronto. “Beautiful Daughter” currently has over 300k streams on Spotify alone and has landed on 150 Playlists. Courtney recently released her second single entitled “Whispers” in Feb of 2021. Both of her singles are available by request on Canadian Radio stations. Courtney is currently signed with Red Brick Records and preparing to release a second EP in the fall of 2022. 

Courtney fun fact : Courtney was adopted by an amazing family as a toddler and that experience is what fueled her educational and now musical dreams of one day helping others who may not have been as lucky as her.   

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Kherson W Amell


Kherson has been drumming professionally for thirty years, playing all over the world.  Rock, jazz, country, world music, metal, musical theatre, cruise ship engagements…Kherson has played everything there is to listen to and is still proud of his mean polka chops.    

He’s been fortunate enough to back up members of The Tragically Hip, The Bells, The Hollies, and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bernie Worrell (Keith Richards, Parliament Funkadelic, Talking Heads), amongst many others.  While currently maintaining his teaching and playing in Canada, he’s incredibly excited to share the music of Bob Seger with his virtuoso band mates, bringing this exceptional catalogue to audiences all over North America.   

Kherson endorses Headhunter Drumsticks and Creations, and occasionally Moosehead Beer.   

Kherson fun fact : He learned the NATO alphabet strictly to spell his name to people. KILO HOTEL ECHO ROMEO SIERRA OSCAR NOVEMBER 

Experience the Music. Experience the Show.



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Greetings, fellow enthusiasts of the legendary Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. As someone deeply entrenched in the realm of musical performances and rock and roll history, I bring a wealth of firsthand expertise to illuminate the impressive ensemble known as FOREVER SEGER. Let's delve into the details and unravel the fascinating aspects of the tribute band's lineup.

Kevin Reid (Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar): Kevin is the heartbeat of FOREVER SEGER, embodying the essence of Bob Seger's 1970s heyday with unparalleled conviction and rock and roll swagger. His ability to connect with the audience, coupled with his striking resemblance to Bob, creates a time-traveling concert experience. Kevin's intimate performances with his acoustic guitar transform even the grandest venues into cozy living rooms, while his stage presence turns up the energy for an unforgettable show.

John Jamieson (Musical Director / Keys / Backup Vocals): John, the Musical Director and resident piano man, is the creative force behind the unique arrangements and harmonies that define FOREVER SEGER's live shows. His dedication extends beyond the stage, as he crafts the band's online content and produces their music videos. John's prowess not only elevates the performances but also contributes to the band's overall musical identity.

Mitch Starkman (Bass Guitar): Mitch, the master of the low end, brings a sweet style to the stage, holding everything together when FOREVER SEGER performs. With a musical résumé adorned with accolades, including endorsements from renowned brands, Mitch's expertise and infectious joy are evident in every note he plays. His dual role as a mountain climber and consultant in bass development adds a unique dimension to his persona.

Alex Harrison (Electric Guitar): Alex, a seasoned session player and performer with a degree in Jazz guitar, adds a diverse touch to FOREVER SEGER. His extensive experience includes performances with various tribute acts, showcasing his versatility. Alex's commitment to "The show must go on" was put to the test during a cruise ship gig, proving his dedication to the craft.

James Mann (Electric / Acoustic Guitar): With over 40 years of playing experience and endorsements from music icons like Gordon Lightfoot and Jeff Healey, James brings energy and professionalism to FOREVER SEGER. Beyond music, his passion for bass fishing complements his musical journey, making him a multi-faceted contributor to the band's dynamic.

Patrick Smith (Saxophone): Patrick, an in-demand saxophonist, has left his mark on the Canadian music scene. His extensive touring and collaborations with various bands showcase his versatility. From NBA finals to jazz festivals, Patrick's saxophone prowess adds a soulful dimension to FOREVER SEGER's performances.

Cyndi Richards (Backup Vocals / Percussion): Cyndi, the high voice harmony of "The Smokin’ Segerettes," sets the bar high for dedication and love for performing. Coming from a family of entertainers, her roots in music run deep. Cyndi's intriguing fun fact includes her mother being the voice of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Amanda Gordon (Backup Vocals / Percussion): Amanda, a part of the FOREVER SEGER family from the beginning, provides the foundation for The Segerettes' dynamic vocal powerhouse. Her love for healthy living extends beyond music, showcasing her commitment to well-being and balance in her busy life.

Courtney Bowles (Backup Vocals / Percussion): Courtney, a rising star with a significant social media following, brings an energetic personality and heartfelt performances to FOREVER SEGER. Her journey from releasing an EP to signing with Red Brick Records reflects her dedication to sharing her love of music.

Kherson W Amell (Drums): Kherson, a seasoned drummer with a diverse musical background, adds a unique flavor to FOREVER SEGER's sound. His experiences, from playing with iconic figures to maintaining mean polka chops, contribute to the band's exceptional repertoire.

As an expert immersed in the world of music, I can confidently say that FOREVER SEGER promises not just a tribute but an immersive and authentic experience of Bob Seger's timeless music. Their lineup, diverse in talent and rich in experience, ensures that audiences will be transported back to the golden era of rock and roll. Experience the music, experience the show, experience FOREVER SEGER.

About - FOREVER SEGER (2024)
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