Blast From The Past: Our Childhood Wishlist Grows Up (2023)

Lately, weve been feeling a bit nostalgic for the simple good old days. And if you were a child of the 90s, you can definitely relate Giga Pets anyone? With all this nostalgia going on, we decided to compare our childhood wish list to our more extravagant grown-up wish lists. Check it out below, and let us know what childhood toys youre missing in the comments.

Giga Pets vs. iPad
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Remember when the most high-tech thing you wanted was a Giga Pet? If you were really cool, you had multiple Giga Pets usually dangling from your JanSport backpack. Your virtual pet had to be fed, changed and constantly attended to.

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Looking back, those little pets could not have been more annoying. No wonder we were constantly killing ours. Thankfully, Giga Pets have since been replaced by a slightly less annoying and more high-tech gadget the iPad. We’re sure by the time we get our iPad this Christmas, Apple will have come out with next “it” thing to add to this list.

Walkman vs. MP3 Players
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Long before CDs, let alone iPods, the Walkman was the ultimate must-have music gadget. Nothing says 90s like the Sony Walkman. The idea of being able to take your music with you wherever you go seemed like the most innovative idea at the time.

Little did we know back then that Walkmans would one day become extinct, only to be replaced by a little something called an iPod. These days, not having an Mp3 player of some sorts is unimaginable much like not having a Walkman was unimaginable once upon a time.

Our Own Phone Lines vs. The Latest iPhone
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Photo on left:

As a thirteen-year old, there was no greater sign offreedom then getting your own home phone line it was probably the biggest fight in most households, right up there with getting highlights and ear piercings. The notion that your friends would be able to call you directly could make you feel like an instant adult.

The question is, do people even have landlines anymore? Let’s be real, who needs a land line when your smart phone can pretty much act as your very own personal assistant. Forget your own phone line, the latest iPhone allows you to video chat.

J.T.T. vs. Johnny Depp
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L to R: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Johnny Depp. Photos: Steve Granitz, WireImage | John Furniss, WireImage

If you who were living under a rock during the 90s, J.T.T. stands for the one and only Jonathan Taylor Thomas of Home Improvement fame. For most pre-teens of the time, one day marrying J.T.T. was definitely a life goal. If you weren’t quite as fanatic as we were, then at the very least your room had a few well-placed posters with the little man on them.

Over a decade later and J.T.T. has all but vanished from both our TV screens and our bedroom walls. He has since been replaced in our hearts by the very hot Johnny Depp. We’ve now matured past the Tiger Beat posters, but what girl doesn’t still dream of marrying Mr. Depp? Sorry Vanessa Paradis.

Power Wheels Jeep vs. Mercedes S65 AMG
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At age six, nothing said you’ve made it like a Power Wheels Jeep. Riding around in circles for hours seemed like the most exciting thing on the planet, and the day your legs got too long to fit into that Jeep was the saddest day on the planet. We secretly attribute passing our driving test to all those hours ofPower Wheels practice ten years earlier.

The onlydifference between driving then and driving now is our taste in cars may have gotten just a tad more expensive try $100,000 or so more. So maybe we still have a decade (at least) of saving up to do before we can afford that Mercedes S65 AMG, but we’re on our way.

Baby-G Watch vs. Rolex
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There was a time when picking out a watch was as simple as deciding between the light blue or the hot pink Baby G. Naturally, we went with light blue probablybecause it was Justin Timberlake’s favorite color at the time. When we backtrack in our minds to those days, however, we’ll admit that the giant plastic watches were pretty tacky, to put it nicely.

Now, picking out a watch has become slightly more difficult and more expensive. While we still may have a ways to go before getting that diamond Rolex on the top of our list, we have come a long way from the days of digital faces.

Sega vs. Wii
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Forget Nintendo! Real 90s kids know it was all about Sega Genesis. We could sit in front of that TV screen for hours just playing our Sonic the Hedgehog game that is until our moms forced us to go outside and be active.

These days, video games are the physical activity. The best part is that they aren’t just for kids. Thanks to the Wii, it is perfectly acceptable for adults to play video games again. And the cherry on top is that we’re getting fit while playing!

Moon Shoes vs. Louboutins
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What kid wouldn’t want a pair of shoes whose ultimate purpose was to let you jump around for hours? Sounds like any ten-year-old’s idea of a party. As much fun as they were, we kind of judge our parents a little for letting us wear them. Do they seem a little dangerous to anyone else? In fact, we’re sure there were more than a few ankle twists.

Then again, they can’t be any more dangerous then the 5-inch Louboutin heels we’re yearning for right now. Just give us one pair of those red-soled pumps and we’d be as happy as a kid on moon shoes.

Etch-A-Sketch vs. 52 Plasma screen
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Considering it has been around since the 50s, if there is one toy that has stood the test of time, it is the Etch-A-Sketch. The little red drawing screen is still on the market today, but it has definitely lost its popularity with kids. We say they don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Maybe we’ve become less creative with age, but as adults it seems that the only screens we want that small are on our laptops. As much fun as we had with our Etch A Sketch, we’d gladly trade it in for a 52″ Plasma to hang on our walls.

Ring Pops vs. Diamond Ring
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Candy that also serves as jewelry is there really anything better? As far as the eight-year old child in us is concerned, getting a ring pop from our crush at recess beats a diamond ring any day. But like we said, that’s the eight-year-old part of us. The 20-something part wants that bling!

Trip to Chuck E. Cheese vs. Wine and Cheese
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Photos L to R: Mark Schiefelbein, Wireimage;

Remember the days when a trip to Chuck E. Cheese was cause for celebration? Oh how we miss that creepy grey mouse and his friends! Very few outing could really compete with a day of cheap pizza, singing bears and an arcade.

As much fun as we had playing in that unsanitary ball pit, we’re glad to trade in the fountain soda and greasy pizza for a glass, er bottle, of wine and some artisanal cheese.

The Black Diamond in Pretty Pretty Princess vs. Carries black diamond in Sex And The City
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Just like we had Pretty Pretty Princess as little girls, playing dress up is still one of our favorite things to do. The difference is that instead of the plastic toy diamond from the dress-up game, we’re longing for the real thing. We have a feeling we’re going to be longing for a very long time the board game version was so much more attainable. We fully blame Carrie Bradshaw for the last extravagant addition to our wish list!

Barbie Dream House vs. Penthouse
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Photo on right:

Playing Barbies was hands down our favorite childhood pastime. If you were one of the cool girls on the block, you definitely had a Barbie Dream House. Without fail, that house was on our Christmas list every single year. The day we finally got it, it seemed like we had everything we could ever dream of.

Flash forward 15 years and were singing a bit of a different tune. Now, instead of a Barbie Dream House, we cant wait until the day we can afford our very own deluxe apartment in the sky. For those of us who live in a Manhattan walk-up shoebox, a penthouse may seem a little far-fetched, but a girl can always dream.

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