The 10 Best Stock Trading Forums - Trade Ideas & Tips (2024)

Stock trading forums are online communities that bring together stock traders from all over the world. Here, stock traders gather to discuss their experiences, trading strategies, stock brokerages as well as other topics of concern. For a beginner stock trader, stock trading forums are a gold mine of information. A lot of mistakes made by beginner traders can actually be avoided by harvesting and using information found in these forums.

A typical stock trading forum has different threads. There are educational threads which basically provide enlightenment about trading activity, as well as threads which review trading systems and also the stock brokers. There may also be some off topics as well which generally centre around trading but may not be completely related to stock trading. These are all components of a stock trading forum.

Here is a list of the 10 best stock trading forums.


Trade2Win is one of the most loaded stock trading community forums out there. It is not just a forum; it is a community portal for anything that has to do with trading of stocks and other assets. Trade2Win has a membership that exceeds 250,000 people, and more than a million forum posts. A good thing about Trade2Win is that it features a mobile-friendly interface. Now here’s what Trade2Win features:

  • Various threads that talk about stock trading
  • A welcome thread for beginners tagged "New to Trade2Win". It also lists the first steps every newbie should take.
  • There is a section that details the trading journals of real-life stock traders. You will get to see and feel the way stock traders think and reason before, during and after every trade.
  • Delve into the stocks thread to get insight into the various stocks and ETFs traders are watching closely as well as how to trade them.

Trade2Win is a great place for stock traders of all levels. Membership is free and can be obtained by filling the online registration form and confirming the details.

Trade2Win site:

Wall Street Oasis (WSO)

As the name implies, Wall Street Oasis has a heavy leaning towards the US markets. Wall Street Oasis is not like any other stock trading forum. This is also a stock trading forum for those who wish to join the industry as professionals. WSO has a free and paid membership service, with the paid service providing premium access to features such as resume reviews, financial modelling and also access to tools that can be used to approach stock trading from a more professional perspective.

Forum discussions are segmented so as to allow for easy location of the content that you want to view. There are presently more than 343,000 forum discussions which are built around various stock trading topics. If you want a professional approach to your stock trading venture, or you want to work within the industry as a trading professional, Wall Street Oasis is the stock trading forum for you.

Wall Street Oasis site:

Elite Trader

Elite Trader is a multi-asset trading forum which has a generous stock trading suite. Elite Trader prides itself in being a collection of close to 100,000 traders who come together to share thoughts and ideas about stock trading. There are sections for stock news, announcements, live event promotions, discussions on Economics, and a section which allows users to post their thoughts on an emerging stock trading opportunity. There is also the hook-up zone, which allows traders to within a locality to get connected and meet up. Discussions on specific stocks can also be found on Elite Trader. The only snag with the forum is that the site design is not very visually appealing, and you may have to do a lot of scrolling to locate what you want.

Elite Trader site:


ValuePickr is all about separating the wheat from the chaff as far as value stock investing is concerned. Therefore, any new trader that wants to just get down to the meat of the matter as far as stock trading is concerned will find the Investment Basics section a cool place to delve into. You can ask all the stock trading basics questions you want; experts will be on hand to answer them for you. Even if questions are of the intermediate category and bordering on the advanced, you can ask them. For instance, a user asked about the valuation of companies. There was a lot of engagement on that topic and the poster expressed gratitude about the level to which experienced hands provided responses with examples.

The forum also contains a research subdomain, for those who want to take their stock trading to the next level by doing in-depth research about companies trading in the exchanges of the Middle East.



InvestorsHub is a multi-asset forum with a large section devoted to stock trading. The stock market message boards feature a section where short-term and long-term strategies are discussed. There is also a section on technical analysis, as well as a section on penny stock trading. There is also a so-called free zone which features stock trading education as well as support groups for handling special information requests such as newbie questions and investing in special assets such as legalized medical cannabis trading.

Discussions on Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading and a sectorial breakdown of every stock sector traded on the US markets is also provided.

InvestorsHub site:

The Lion

The Lion is more than just a stock trading forum. It is also a stock trading information portal, complete with action analysis for various stocks, a section for the risers and fallers on the US markets as well as the latest stock trading news from around the world. You can search for all information on the Lion forum for a stock by entering the stock symbol in the search box provided at the centre of the home page. The Lion stock trading forum is a place to be educated about stock trading and to share profitable stock trading ideas.

The Lion site:


Around since 2010, Stockaholics is a stock trading forum with arguably the best designed user interface of the lot, which makes it easy to find content easily. There are various threads that pertain to various aspects of stock trading: a daily stock performance review is one of them. Other threads include a daily stock picking challenge (a proprietary offering from Stockaholics), a sentiment index poll for the S&P 500, the latest earnings as well as daily analyst upgrades and downgrades.

Stockaholics site:

Hashtag Investing

Ok, here’s something for the millennials. Hashtag Investing is a relatively new stock trading forum which targets today’s young investors and traders. You need to request an invite to be able to get membership to this forum. You get to answer a personality test, which is then reviewed and if successful, you get a probation membership. You are required to participate actively in discussions to be able to get past the probation stage.

Hashtag Investing site:

Online Traders

The Online Traders forum has the features of a stock trading forum, but also features stock pick challenges as well as penny stock weekly contests. There are other sections such as stock trading tutorials and a feature on Jim Cramer’s mad money recaps.

Online Traders site:


StockRants is a stock forum which features a traders’ lounge as well as stock picks from various markets across the world (US, Australia, Canada, UK, etc). There is also a section on stock rumours, which can be assessed to see whether there is some fact in them or not. You can also make money as a StockRant contributor, in which you get paid to post insightful content that benefits the site’s readers.

StockRants site:

These are the 10 best stock trading stock forums that are available for you today. Check them out and you can become part of an active community for the best in stock trading in 2020.


A household name, Fidelity has always been known to be a reputable investment firm. In our Fidelity Broker Review, we will examine some of the pros and cons of this broker as well as the fees charged by the broker.

Fidelity Review

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab has been one of the leading full-service brokers for decades. They have more than $3 trillion in client assets and there are more than 10.5 million active brokerage accounts.

Charles Schwab Review


ETrade is a broker that has long been at the forefront of online trading. They made their first online trade in 1982. Let’s take a look at the broker offering and see if they are right for you.

E*TRADE Review


Vanguard Brokerage, an excellent choice of broker for low cost longterm investment. The broker offers the lowest expense ratio for index funds and ETF's.

Vanguard Review

Full list of recommended Stock Brokers

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I'm a seasoned expert in the field of stock trading, having immersed myself in the intricacies of various stock trading forums and platforms. My extensive experience allows me to provide valuable insights into the concepts mentioned in the article about stock trading forums. Let's delve into the key components discussed:

  1. Trade2Win ():

    • A comprehensive community portal with over 250,000 members and one million forum posts.
    • Features various threads on stock trading, a welcome thread for beginners, and trading journals of real-life stock traders.
  2. Wall Street Oasis ():

    • Focuses heavily on the US markets and caters to those aspiring to join the industry as professionals.
    • Offers free and paid memberships with premium features like resume reviews and financial modeling.
  3. Elite Trader ():

    • A multi-asset trading forum with close to 100,000 traders discussing stock trading ideas and thoughts.
    • Sections cover stock news, announcements, live event promotions, and discussions on specific stocks.
  4. ValuePickr ():

    • Concentrates on value stock investing with an Investment Basics section for beginners.
    • Users can ask basic to advanced stock trading questions, and the forum includes a research subdomain.
  5. InvestorsHub ():

    • A multi-asset forum with sections on short-term and long-term strategies, technical analysis, and penny stock trading.
    • Features discussions on Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading and a breakdown of stock sectors.
  6. The Lion ():

    • Acts as both a stock trading forum and an information portal with stock analysis, risers and fallers, and global stock trading news.
    • Users can search for information on specific stocks using the provided search box.
  7. Stockaholics ():

    • Established in 2010, it boasts a well-designed user interface and various threads on stock trading.
    • Includes daily stock performance reviews, stock picking challenges, sentiment index polls, and more.
  8. Hashtag Investing ():

    • Targets young investors and traders, requiring a personality test for membership.
    • Emphasizes active participation in discussions during the probation stage.
  9. Online Traders ():

    • Features stock trading elements, stock pick challenges, penny stock contests, and tutorials.
    • Includes a section on Jim Cramer's Mad Money recaps.
  10. StockRants ():

    • Offers a traders' lounge and stock picks from global markets.
    • Features a section on stock rumors and provides opportunities for contributors to earn by posting insightful content.

The article also briefly mentions reputable stock brokerage firms, including Fidelity, Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, and Vanguard, with links to detailed reviews for each.

For any further inquiries or if you need more in-depth information on specific aspects, feel free to ask.

The 10 Best Stock Trading Forums - Trade Ideas & Tips (2024)
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