Towing Your Acura Vehicle: What You Need to Know (2023)


When it comes to towing your Acura vehicle with all four wheels on the ground, commonly known as dinghy towing, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure the safety of your vehicle. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the towing capabilities of Acura vehicles, navigation updates, handling radio codes, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink, brake system noises, electrical system variations, warranty considerations, tire modifications, and more.

Dinghy Towing Acura Vehicles

For model years 2006 and newer, Acura provides clear guidelines in the Owner’s Manual regarding dinghy towing approval. It's crucial to consult your specific manual for detailed instructions. However, for model years 2005 and older, dinghy towing may or may not be feasible. Contact Acura Client Relations at (800-382-2238) for precise information about your vehicle's towing capabilities.

Navigation Updates Made Easy

Stay on the right path with updated Navigation DVDs, readily available at . If you've registered a vehicle with a navigation system, access the link through My Acura. Keeping your navigation system current ensures accurate and reliable directions for your journeys.

Radio Code Woes: Finding Solutions

Disconnected your vehicle's battery and now facing a flashing “code” on your radio? Fear not. Locate your unique code number on the anti-theft ID card in your glove compartment. For 2014 and later Acura models, refer to your owner’s manual for Radio/Navigation system initiation.

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink Demystified

For a seamless Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink experience, visit or call (888) 528-7876. Whether you're checking phone compatibility or pairing a device, this resource provides comprehensive information for a hassle-free connection.

Brake System Noises: What's Normal?

Squealing noises during light braking at low speeds are often normal due to brake pad vibrations. If the noise is unusually loud, prompt brake inspection is advisable. Additionally, a single “click” noise when applying brakes after reversing is a typical characteristic caused by clearance between brake components.

Morning Groans: ABS Self-Check

Experiencing a groaning noise during morning starts? In models with compact Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS), a brief groan during a self-check is normal. It's a routine part of system functionality and not indicative of any issues with the ABS.

Brake Pedal Height Variations

Ever noticed your brake pedal sinking when stationary? This change is attributed to fluctuations in engine vacuum, a normal occurrence. The power brakes system relies on engine vacuum, influenced by factors like accessory usage and air conditioning cycling.

Electrical System Variations

Dimming headlights at stoplights are a consequence of the onboard computer regulating electrical output for fuel efficiency. This normal characteristic ensures optimal engine performance and reduced vibration during idle.

Salvaged Titles and Warranty

Vehicles with salvaged titles lose coverage under the new vehicle limited warranty but retain some emissions warranties and safety recalls. Contact your state’s department of motor vehicles for information on title branding.

Tire Modifications: Caution Advised

Acura strongly discourages modifications to the original tire size or suspension. Such alterations can impact safety, performance, and compliance with federal standards. Warranty implications may arise in case of failure attributed to modifications.

Tire Warranty: Manufacturer Matters

Original equipment tires are warrantied by their manufacturers, not Acura. Refer to the glove compartment for tire warranty information or contact the respective tire manufacturer directly for service assistance.

Decoding Sidewall Markings

Understanding the sidewall markings on your tire is crucial. From width and aspect ratio to speed rating and load index, these markings provide valuable information about your tire's design and capabilities.

Seat Belt Extenders: Acura's Stance

Contrary to some manufacturers, Acura does not offer seat belt extenders. The design of Acura’s seat belts aims to accommodate 95% of U.S. adults comfortably. Before purchasing a vehicle, ensure the seating position suits your comfort and safety requirements.

HID Headlights: Normal Beam Patterns

Acura models equipped with HID headlights exhibit a unique beam pattern. The top edge of each headlight beam is intentionally cut off lower on the left side and rises toward the right side. This characteristic, while appearing uneven, is entirely normal.

Campaign Concerns: Stay Informed

To check if your vehicle is affected by a campaign, visit or call Acura Client Relations at (800) 382-2238 for the latest information on recalls, product updates, or extended warranties.

In conclusion, staying informed about your Acura vehicle's features and maintenance guidelines ensures a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. Refer to your Owner’s Manual and utilize Acura's online resources for specific information tailored to your model year.

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